How to Build a Shelf or the Differences between Language, Framework and Runtime


When I first start in the programming world of modern languages those 3 things start to show up in every tutorial and documentation that I read. And even today I saw some developers struggle on those definitions. So, I thought that would be a good idea to write a really small article about those 3 things.


That might sound surprising for the new developers that were learning a new language, but the base and first thing of those 3 definitions, need to be the Framework.

Officially speaking the Framework is a set of Libraries/APIs. But you can think…

A short story about an average person trying to join a mythologic company

Hi! That is my first text on Medium… and I do not think that existing a better way to start writing here then telling one of the most amazing plot twists of my life. And of course, also answering the question that some people has been asking me to… How had I ended up at Microsoft?

The beginning

Well… I‘m guessing that’s important to say before… I had always been a fan of the story about how these two guys (Bill Gates and Paul Allen) created the Altair Basic…

William Diniz

Just a average nomade developer

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